VOGA Table Leg Systems

Systems in VOGA represent a group of legs with a specific connecting element that allows a firm and stable connection. Each system offers you the possibility of creating different combinations (angular, extended and bench tables, adjustable connecting elements, cable organization solutions, special holders, accessories and more).

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System HIDE

enables stable support of thin table plates (above 10 mm). Two connectors attached to the table legs form a stable substructure and allow various layouts. Legs are leveled with the edge of the table top.

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is designed for table plates of thickness 24 mm and up. Besides constructional connections and firmness the desk bar enables conductors and the capability of the metal bases.

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System EDGE

provides stable support for thin table plates with a 10 mm gap between the substructure and the table top, creating a shadow line. It forms a rigid substructure and allows various layouts.

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System KOTA

KOTA legs are made of square or round iron profiles, which in combination with the connectors form a stable, aesthetic base, perfect for larger table tops. The legs have a leveling option.

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System SOLO

SOLO legs are made of square or round iron pipes and are suitable for children's rooms.

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System BACK

It connects the legs into a stable substructure using the back panel instead of the connectors. With its low weight and practicality, it offers a wide range of options for modern tables.

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Self-Standing Legs

made of different profile cross-sections, are an economical solution for table tops over 25 mm thick.

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Self-Standing Table Bases

Economical solution for different types of tables. They can be used alone or in combination depending on the size of the table top. Perfect for catering.

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follows the global trends of ergonomics in the workplace, as it enables electric adjustment of the height of the desk for standing or sitting work.

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Furniture Bases

Metal furniture bases give the furniture strength, modern look and function for today's time.

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System WALL

provides well-ordered walls in offices, apartments and shops.

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ACCESSORIES for all systems

Designed for all VOGA TRADE systems
Cable shelves, blinds, trolleys, wheels, ladders and railings

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